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ConstantinebyDesign is supplying Hurricane IRMA and MARIA victims throughout the Caribbean with affordable Hurricane Engineered PREFAB Homes at 60 USD. P/SqFt.

As it is still important for all to help in every way they can, ConstantinebyDesign has been working on finding practical, reliable and safe building solutions for all levels of the construction building industry for over 20 years. ConstantinebyDesign is even redesigning each and every house Free of charge with sustainable Eco friendly Architecture for each and every islander that was effective during these horrific storms of 2017.

Let's have a look at how these Hurricane Prefabricated houses are designed and engineered.

Example of detail drawings incorporating flat roofs for modern Architecture and less wind draft on the roof during Hurricane storms.

Solid Hot Galvanized Steel reinforced Concrete Fiber - Industrial Foamed in insulation.

Most 1500' - Square feet homes can be erected and completed within 5 days construction onsite and finished within 3 to 4 weeks turn key for families to move in to there new PREFAB custom designed Hurricane Home.

Simple Lightweight Concrete panels are easily assembled without the use of machinery and I- beams or H- Steel Hot Dipped Galvanized and electro painted are placed using riggings or if macherary is available a small truck crane or forklift.

Solid Hurricane engineered construction techniques and fast track production and installation is the most practical solutions to rebuilding our islands safely and with very low cost.

Today unfortunately we are all still looking at the losses incurred and still many are left homeless and without any income of any kind. Most communities were totally destroyed and many have still not returned to their homes or communities because they have had very little support from western nations to help with the rebuild process of these paradise vacation spots for many lovers of the islands. So every little bit helps and if you and your company wish to help in any way your favorite Caribbean island for more information.

If this interests you to build for a better future and your house or home was affected by Hurricane Irma please write and contact directly at:

For further information please visit:

Thank you for taking the time and we will all rebuild together being stronger and smarter for the next Hurricane Seasons, coming.

For more information on BARBUDA Caribbean:

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