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HURRICANE DISASTER IRMA AND MARIA - Rebuilding your dream Home on the islands with - Lowest costs.

I know so many of you are still waiting on insurance money even after many months later, or did not even have hurricane house insurance. But I would like to share some good solid cost saving ideas for Hurricane PREFAB construction and rebuilding your homes.

The biggest problem besides money is the actual building techniques used in the industry in the first place. Most of us have seen the destructive powers and effects what hurricanes can do to our islands especially if it comes in, on a direct path toward your island. The time has come that people need to really look at more modern construction techniques not just making the same old mistakes again and again.

We do have better reliable solutions available to us and very sustainable new highly engineered construction practices especially designed against Hurricanes using modern engineered Prefab housing and development construction practices, now available.

The choices and options are here but the ball drops to what you know and the right choices you make in life.

Today I am writing to all that want to make a difference in their lives for there family and friends and local island communities. As a fellow islander and lover of Sun wind and sand sharing is caring and we can make a difference together by letting others know we can with better building practices protect our communities rather than using the same old techniques that have failed over and over again in the last 150 years of Hurricanes.

HURRICANE RATED - PREFABRICATED HOUSES (PREFAB HOMES) is something that should be really considered strongly for many reasons that still most local Governments and Island Communities are not even aware of.

So the word needs to get out there that we really do have better choices and can build stronger, safer, low cost PREFAB Homes for our communities to live in without fear of the wrath of the Hurricanes every year.

Here is a direct link to low cost PREFAB HOMES for anyone to afford that are specially designed and engineered for 200 MPH + Hurricanes and 9 Richter scale Earthquakes:

Thank you for your interest: If you have any questions and need more information please just email:

or have a look at PREFAB HOMES CARIBBEAN website:

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